Around a year ago I picked up an asus flip chromebook (c100pa). For a while it worked great but a few months ago it started to develop an annoying freeze. Worth noting I have the 4GB memory so whilst the laptop is a little under-powered it should have been ok to handle a couple of tabs without video but it consistently would freeze up, after 30 seconds the cursor would sort of play ‘catch up’ and gradually come back or I’d get a black screen followed by a restart.

Seems I’m not the only one who had these problems. I tried most the suggestions on the forums (reset, developer mode, power wash etc) but nothing fixed it.  About now I was thinking hardware problem and with it being out of warranty was resigned to it becoming a paper weight.

The only other thing to note is that I did at one stage move from the ‘stable’ channel to the ‘developer’ channel and then back which could have caused some problems given the fix I stumbled upon which was as follows:

The solution was to restore the firmware.

  • Grab this chrome extension
  • You’ll need a USB stick with at least 4GB capacity.
  • Worth noting that I couldn’t actually unzip  / create the firmware on the asus flip and had to complete the procedure on another laptop. If you do this make sure you look for the the right firmware version.
  • Once you’ve got the USB boot firmware image created, restart (esc, refresh & power key) and then boot from the USB drive.
  • After doing this you can set-up your account again and then check the “About” tab in the settings to upgrade to the latest firmware.

I’ve been using it for several days now and haven’t had a freeze or crash so fingers crossed its sorted.

Hopefully this helps someone else out who might be experiencing problems with the asus flip.



Asus Flip Chromebook (C100PA) screen freezes (and the fix!)

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