I’ve just finished a second week of snowboarding. The first week was with Google out in Cormayeur which was excellent. The conditions were a little icy but plenty of sunshine and the bombardiers at lunchtime helped no end 😉
The second week was in Morzine and we were lucky enough to get decent amount of fresh snow half way through the week. The last day of boarding was excellent, a couple of feet of powder in some places and bright sunshine. The other days were good as well but poor visibility meant that going too far off piste was problematic. On the 4th day everyone had to wear 80s ski outfiits (check out the embarrasing photos)

Had a great time but am quite looking forward to letting my body have a rest from snowboarding, my ankles have taken quite a lot of punishment over the past couple of weeks. I’ve signed up for the Blackpool marathon in June so I’ve got about 4 months to get my fitness back and start increasing the mileage at the weekends.

Back from snowboarding

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