I spent sometime looking around djdownload.com and beatport.com and found myself browsing through some of the breaks tunes that are around at the moment. Its a pretty different sound to the normal house that I tend to gravitate towards and it lets you mix in a very different style. You can kinda ‘chop’ parts of the tunes in over the top of the other, sometimes its even possible to switch between two tunes on the mixer every other bar. Anyway – i decided to have a go at recording a breaks mix this evening. I’m not really that familar with the tunes yet so its not as tight as it could be but I reckon its not a bad first effort – have a listen and see what you think. The tracklisting as ever is below:

# Title Artist
1 Restless Evil Nine
2 Funkgrinder (Dopamine Mix) Myagi
3 Repeated Groove (Beat Assassins Remix) B-Phreak
4 Disco babes from outer space (Harry Choo Choo vs Pianoheadz mix) Babe Instinct
5 kraftykuts-tell me_how you feel kid kenobi vs rogue element_mix
6 Funny Break (Plump DJs Remix) Orbital
7 mismoplastico (lee combs back virtualmismo
8 Gateway Circuit Breaker
9 Overneath (Friendly Remix) Aquasky & Meat Katie
10 Greece 2000 (Nils Noa Remix) Three Drives
11 Can You Party? (Original) Trouble Soup vs. Todd Terry
12 Mushroom Junkie XL

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