So I’ve been playing around with Googles latest offering – apps for your domain. This seems like a pretty cool idea to allow small businesses to host their own email and domain for free. As long as you have access to your DNS Zone files then you can set it up and try it out. I’ve not switched my MX records over to Google yet but am contemplating it. An interesting move into the ISP space – I wonder how popular it will prove.

Google Apps for your domain

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  • January 12, 2014 at 8:07 am

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve been subscribed to your podcast for a long time now (found it on iTunes) and in the absence of new material I thought it my duty to encourage you to do so – because your work is consistently excellent. Your taste, choices and mixing are 2nd to none imho. Adam, I am subscribed at DSOH (Deeper shades of house) with Lars Behrenroth with a paid subscription to help support his project as I enjoy it. As good as Lars is, I feel your work is (has been) consistently head and shoulders above. Maybe its subjective but I often find myself dredging new podcasts or scouring Traxsource for something good to listen to and end up sticking on one of your old podcasts that were before my subscription. There is an ocean of crap to wade through to find a few gems of listening pleasure and you seem to be able to find them and put them in one place and mix them just right. I have come to the point where I can be sure that your podcast will deliver. I guess you can see I take music seriously – maybe a little too much for some. I hope you’re not out of the game. I’d happily buy your music, albums, EP’s or donate to your poscast. Just saying.
    Thanks for all the existing material.

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