I’ve had enough…. I’m sick of reinstalling windows xp once every 8 months because it decides to slow down to the point its unusable…. God forbid that I should actually want to install applications on top of an OS – apparently if I just installed out of the box and left it alone then I’d never have these sorts of issues. What grates even more is that many of the apps that slow Windows down are written by Microsoft! The one company you’d assume would know enough about their own bloody OS to be able to avoid killing it.

Anyway – as I said, I’ve had enough and I’m going to switch to Linux. I’ve had linux on my desktop before but had a lot of issues with getting sound cards and wireless WPA to work so in the end I gave in, hung my head in shame and slotted in the XP install CD (again). This time I’m going to give Ubuntu a try – it looks pretty slick, comes on a single CD and apparently works very well with a lot of hardware. It might even run quicker on my now aging IBM thinkpad… (time to buy one of those new macbook thingies soon I think!)

I guess I better make the laptop dual boot just in case I have to switch back to sucky Microsoft. Have you seen ie7 yet?? Horrible…. another victory for firefox.

Why Windows XP sucks

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