Been a while since I posted a new mix so I’ve just recorded one which is available via iTunes as always. This one has about 80% new tunes and is fairly hard/electro. At the end of the mix I discovered a couple of classics by Jacque Lu Cont (or the white duke) one of my favourite producers. Have a listen and see what you think!

I’ve been busy the last few months with new job and holidays so mixing is a little bit rusty on the first few tunes…. (especially transition from track 2 to track 3) – I might re-record it sometime later this week if I get a chance…. if not then the standard will get better over the rest of the year (I hope…)
Next podcast is going to be focused on some of the funky house classics from the past few years or possibly a trance set (glowsticks at the ready). For those who also DJ and source their music from mp3s there is a new podcast available from beatport which seems like a good way to keep up to date with latest releases. It would be great to see djdownload offer a similar kind of thing!

Tracklisting as follows:

  1. 01-The Freakx Brothers-Tension.mp3
  2. Rune – Calibria (Hoxton Whores Remix).mp3
  3. Fonzerelli – I Love Music (Original Mix).mp3
  4. Sunfreakz Ft Andrea Briton – Counting Down The Days (Axwell Remix).mp3
  5. Thomas_Penton,_Hernan_Serrao_-_Jacks_Funk_-_Original_Mix.mp3
  6. Bastards Of Funk-Relentless feat Peter Bense (The Crisp Remix) [Frosty Music].mp3
  7. Ben Macklin Feat. Tiger Lily – Feel Together (Eddie Thoneick Mix).mp3
  8. DJ Delicious – Let It Drop (Henrik B Mix).mp3
  9. mason_-_exceeder__tomcraft_rmx-idc.mp3
  10. D.Ramirez – La Discotek (Freeze Frame Mix)++.mp3
  11. Fuzzy_Hair_-_Kind_Of_Voodoo_(A1_Mix).Mp3
  12. 02-booka_shade-darko_(bookas_funk_da_funk_mix).mp3
  13. New_Order_Feat._Ana_Matronic_-_Jetstream_(Jacques_Lu_Cont).Mp3
  14. Faint_-_The_Conductor_(Jacques_Lu_Cont_Thin_White_Duke_Mix).Mp3

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